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MAGIC is our first name. MagicTom is a working pro that can entertain a lay audience or wow an audience of top professional magicians. As an insider in magic he has worked & competed around top magi even entertaining at their professional conventions. Other magicians hire him because he's funny & very good. A clever show for those that love magic.

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Impress Your Guests...


In this show a borrowed watch is "accidentally" burned beyond recognition, then seen to reappear in a fantastic turn of events. You may think you've seen magicians but not in this way. Watch as water is poured*

*That was a mistake. We should not have told you that much. We'll just say... hey this is the good stuff. There are no wrinkled silks and handkerchiefs pulled out of a tube and no circus colored painted "magic" boxes that appear to do all the work.  Take a few moments to mouse around ... reach us at 502.553.5004.


Your friends will leave your event wanting to talk about it to their friends. *

*...well at least the magic part (13973 bytes)e-mail  us and put magic into your next event

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